Primary Health care is essential to every community.

In order to provide quality universal health care in every community, World Health Organization (WHO)1980 espoused three dimensions of health care quality that is Process (patient-health care providers interactions), Outcome (improvement in a patient’s health) and these two indicators run on the third dimension, Structure (Physical environment and physical facilities) which is the most important indicator in delivering quality health care.

It is in the spirit of this that the Hon. Member of Parliament FOR DABOYA/ MANKARIGU CONSTITUENCY in the northern region, Lawyer Shaibu Manama Obei has taken the first step to renovate the Health facility at Mankarigu,which serves the whole of the 13 communities around the mankarigu zone but which for some time now has been in a deplorable state.

The Hon. Member of parliament saw the deplorable state of the health facility during his last visit and promised to rehabilitate the health facility.

The community health care committee, in consultation with the District Director of Health, determined the rehabilitation works, estimates were taking and contractor has since started the renovation works.
The contractor is expected among other things; to remove all the worn-out window nets and fix new ones in the entire facility, remove all torn roofing sheets and ensure that new ones are fixed, change the ceiling of the entire building, carry-out fumigation exercise in the ceiling before re-ceiling the health facility. Replace all broken doors and locks of the facility and repaint the structure.

In order to provide water for the health facility, the Hon. Member of parliament has tasked the contractor to construct rainfall water harvesting mechanism to harvest rain water into the water storage tanks provided at the facility.

Lawyer Shaibu Mahama Obei, has also instructed the contractor to fumigate the entire facility before handling it over to the good people of Mankarigu and it’s surrounding communities.

The contractor is expected to be completed in two weeks for the entire renovation work.

The people of Mankarigu and it’s environs have also given true meaning to the Community-Based Health Planning and service (CHPS) whose major principle is community participation “construction of self-helped community facility”.

The community has come together to construct Nurses’ Quarters and called on the Hon. Member of Parliament and the District Chief Executive DCE (Hon. Adam Eliasu Red Bawah) to assist them complete a nurse’s Quarters and they have responded in good time.

The member of parliament provided packs of roofing sheets and wood and paid for workmanship for the roofing. He has instructed the contractor working on the health facility to provide doors, windows and locks for the facility which has been provided.

The DCE has also donated fifty Bags of cement towards flooring and plastering of the Nurses Quarters and the member of Parliament has again paid for the workmanship.

The completion of these two projects is going to give a face lift to the health facility to enhance quality health delivery to the good people of Mankarigu and the surrounding communities.

Lawyer Shaibu Mahama Obei, MP for Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency wish to assure the good people of Mankarigu and surrounding communities that there is more to come in the area of health delivery service and other projects in the not too distant future.

He is working hard to ensure that developmental projects are brought to the door steps of his constituents.

“Let’s pray to God to continue to guide and protect our Hon .Member of Parliament to Carry us onto the promise land”.

Attached are pictures of state of work at the two facilities.

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