E/R School children share classrooms with animals.

The pupils and teachers of Asuokaw Odumase District Assembly Primary school of the Upper West Akim in the Eastern Region are sharing their classrooms with animals. The classrooms have been taking over by livestock which affecting the students and teachers as well. Which is making the environmental a very disturbing, unfriendly and underserved for them to leave and contribute their quota towards building the next foundation of the future.

government and COCOA LiFE project

The school which was established by the government and COCOA LiFE almost 50years ago to serve the Odumase town and its community are left unconcerned as authorities in the district turn blindsight to the welfare of both the teachers and pupils. The only school in the locality is bedeviled not only with huge infrastructural deficits but a continuous distraction from the activities of local people regardless of the relentless effort of the teachers in sustaining quality teaching and learning.

government and COCOA LiFE

school dropout

According to the students, the terrible and deplorable nature of the classrooms, offices, and absence of the number of facilities gradually are threatening quality teaching, learning, and making some of the student’s school dropouts. They said their number has reduced and lived with only 101 students.

school drop out

inadequate classrooms

The students are left under the mercy of the weather and during the raining season no teaching and learning due to inadequate classrooms and poor conditions of the school. According to the students every day when they come to school, livestock normally sleeps and takes over the custody of classrooms during instructional hours and defecating all over due to broken doors.

personal finance by parents

According to some of the parents of the school children, their personal finance towards building the schools has helped but has not been adequate to keep its feet. They said the district is joking with their children’s future which is affecting them. They are calling on the individual to come and help their children.

personal finances

quality teaching and learning

According to a teacher of the school, Francis Appiah the poor nature of the school is affecting teaching and learning. He said teachers are living the school due to the nature of the school. Appiah said if teaching and learning are not going on, it is going to affect the student performance, academic work, and their future career. Appiah called NGOs, school authorities, philanthropists to come to their aid and help solve the challenges they are facing in the schools.

Story and pictures by Kwame Appiah-Kubi. The reason for publishing this story is to inform readers about the school conditions on the local level. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of communitywatchdoggh.com.