The Public relations Officer of the Tema Mutual Health Scheme in TEMA Community 9 in the Greater Accra East is gradually breaking down the strong walls of the institution with Poor human relations, gross indiscipline, and promiscuity. The situation seems to have become a chronic norm of the day accepted by the officials since he always appears tough and ready to fight anybody who stands to question his negative activities in the Metropolitan Mutual Scheme office in Community 9.

Prevent citizens right

A very disheartening situation where PRO of the scheme Nana Essilfie positions himself in front of the reception to scream at costumers and heckle them even in the attempt of clients to make an inquiry about the scheme is scaring Clients and gradually preventing people from accessing the scheme in a daily basis. According to investigations by our journalist, the officials have decided to end official operation at 3 pm each day, targeting a maximum number of 200 for the day will enable them to achieve the agenda close work at 3 pm.

The health insurance cards have over the years proven to be a hot cake in a government health institution and therefor Government hospitals recommended patients to acquire it but acquiring that in the Tema Mutual Scheme is a survival of the fittest affair. Because clients have to wake up as early as 4 am to 5 am to go and cue at the premises in other to be part of the limited number of people to go through the process of the day.

observe activities without giving any assistance

As if the above reason is not enough, Nana Afriyie the official macho of the day is always at his best in heckling and showing disrespect to people even in an event of ignorance of the client. The PRO of the Mutual Scheme Nana Afriyie always stands at the reception door to observe activities without giving any assistance to people who even seek clarifications and equerries from him, however, the PRO never spare clients with his Tai Kwando move if they make any form of mistake.


leaves the premises without going through the process

Even though affordable easy accessible health care service is one of the mandates of the government of Ghana, Nana Essilfie the suppose Public Relations officer of the mutual health Center, has become a hindrance to that vision and the scheme’s operation is gradually becoming unattractive to people day in and out. The situation is drives away Clints in daily basis in the sense that, people go to cue and sit for a long time only to observe sequence of disheartening scenes of action from the PRO and finally leaves the premises without going through the process for the card when they could no longer endure the trauma of the day.

chased away media

Most media personnel who have been at the premises to investigate the ongoing problem have been chased out by the same public relations officer Nana Afriyie. According to investigations, Several complaints have been made to the management yet nothing has been done about it due to the situation where he goes about fighting every worker or authority who tries to protect any clients he victimizes.

chased people away

sexual harassment

Ironically the Tie Kwando PRO Nana Afriyie is believed to be a lover boy who never misses the opportunity to have an affair with ladies posted to the Mutual scheme for national service , some ladies who have gone through his sexual harassment, (name redrawn) revealed that to us that, Nana Afriyie always intimidate and make the working environment very uncomfortable for them in their early days but gradually changes his tactics with normal gestures and finally propose to them with the promise of helping them to gain employment at the Mutual Scheme but end up discarding them after getting his sexual satisfaction. Its time the National Authorities brings Nana Essilfie to book to save people from this chronic horror situation at the TEMA Mutual Scheme Health Center.

Story and images by Ursula Okyere. The reason for publishing this story is to inform readers about how citizens right has been cut off. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of