GA/R NGO support street children to leave good lives

THE SHREWD FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that helps and developed the distressed, needy, neglected and vulnerable street children in Kasoa at Greater Accra region of Ghana. THE SHREWD FOUNDATION provides necessary assistance for sustaining their lives and conditions be it education, primary health care, donations in varying forms and vocational skills. THE SHREWD FOUNDATION focuses on assisting street children to get a better education and to live a good life.

creating positive change

The founder and President of THE SHREWD FOUNDATION, Sophia Celestina Apenkro. She is a Ghanaian born in Mamprobi in the Greater Accra region and currently lives in Accra. She holds a bachelor’s degree Bachelor of Arts; Sociology major Philosophy minor, from the University of Ghana. she is a young entrepreneur who has a keen interest in creating positive change in his environment. According to her, starting a foundation, many people assume she is an old folk who has gathered plentiful experience to take on such an arduous task but to disappoint many and be an inspiration to the young.


Realize every Dream

she said quality attained have added to her values to bring positive to enable her to win, nurture and sustain relationships in and out of the organization. It has added to his philosophy that “every day is a progress” and “it takes consistency and persistence to realize every dream”. Celestina Apenkro stated that Starting the foundation has helped her to learn how to effectively facilitate communications, disseminate information, plan, and coordinate all administrative functions.


positive developments

THE SHREWD FOUNDATION, which started in 2017 has helped a lot of street children including Mary John Teye and Emmanuel Bawuah who were put in school. These two street children based in Accra were put in a community school, called Queen Elizabeth Community School. The President mentioned that through their positive developments, other NGOs in her community has also taken up the mantle to tackle social problems in her community with projects on Capacity Building, Social Integration, and Economic Development.


challenges in communities

Sophia Celestina Apenkro said the major problem she has found in her community is that most children do not go to school with reasons being lack of funds and the available free education in their community is of low quality. The concept of “half a loaf is better than none” does not apply in her community. They rather prefer quality education than to school for poor education.

teachers and learning materials

she concluded by saying the way to tackle this issue is to have qualified teachers who have undergone all necessary training and called on the government, minister of education, Ghana education service to post teachers to these schools, provide teaching and learning materials for them to deliver as a qualified teacher.


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