The odzikro of Assin Tabil in the Assin South district of the Central Region,

Nana Ogyeaman Kwame Nyarko, (I) has disclosed to media that they are totally neglected by current NPP government, due to lack of school infrastructure, KG block and Basic 6 block,

According to Nana Ogyeaman Kwame Nyarko (I), he said the current situation of Assin Tabil Basic school is very bad in sharp and it dangerous as a school building, and it is dead trap,

Moreover, he said the school was build in the year 1970 and it outmoded and it was put by the community members since 1970 that time and it need to be restructuring,

He added to it that 2016 general election, member of parliament for Assin south constituency, hon Rev: John Ntim Fordjuor, promised them a lot but still non thing has been done on their Educational system,

Moreover, he said from KG : to basic 6 they don’t have enough structure so currently the school children are leaning under the trees,

He, said Assin Tabil was NPP strong hold but still non thing has been done on area in term of physical development,

He pleaded to mp and DCE and other NGO to come to their aid to support them, before 2020, general election, as mp is gradually disappointed them as their members of parliament,

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