I was watching a movie entitled, “Beahuf” and in that film a particular kingdom in Wales was terrorised by a horror in the 14th century. The people lived in fear for decades and finally,they said enough was enough,hence,they revolted against their king.

The demanded a solution from the king or they’ll dethrone him.

The answer the king gave was:”WE NEED A HERO”.

That’s the only answer that pacified them.

Actually, they sent for that hero called “Beahuf” and it’s him who fought and killed that hero with his gang.

Another film I was watching which was portrayed one of the world wars between the Soviet Union and the U.S .America was on the brink of losing that war,hence,their army general paraded all his men and demanded a way out from them.

He threw the question to them,but there was silence,so,he pointed his gun at the head of one of them.

That soldier was shivering and couldn’t speak,so,he shot him in his head.

Then he went to another one and he gave a satisfactory answer.

He said:”we need a hero”

The general was comfortable with that answer and demanded for that hero.

That soldier pointed at his own friend in that battalion.

This his friend was a sniper endowed with extraordinary tallent and valour.
Infact,it’s this hero who single handedly won the war for the U.S.

On the 50th independence day of Ghana,one DJ posed this same question on air.

He asked why Ghana,we’ve not developed,50 years after independence with all the natural resources bestowed on our beloved nation.

People called in and gave all sorts of answers,but none of them got the answer right.

If you’re sick and you don’t know the kind of sickness it’s, which medication are you gonna take?

And even if you can’t tell whether it’s sickness,fatigue,a spell etc,what exactly are you gonna do?

Ghana,we don’t even know our problem not to talk of finding a solution.

The white man says,identifying a problem is half way it’s solution.

A lot of people think that it’s corruption,bad leadership,our attitudes etc that are the cause of our woes.

But those are just the tip of the iceberg.

As I wrote earlier on,Ghana or Africa is on the brink of an apocalypse.

Our problem is bigger than the way we think it’s.


There are a lot of causes of our problems,vize:negative attitudes,corruption,bad leadership including our traditional (chiefs) and religious (mallams and pastors) leaders,spirituality(juju,evil witchery, smaller gods, etc),”pull him down syndrome”
(envy and jealousy),ignorance,lack of civilization,knowledge and technology etc,all these amongst others,lead to:

hunger and starvation,sickness and diseases, poverty and hardships,teenage pregnancies and abortions,armed robbery and thievery,lack of portable drinking water,insecurity, poor health services,poor education,poor roads,road accident menace,high housing deficit,lack of professionals(teachers,doctors, nurses,lawyers etc and even the security Pernell, especially the police force).

Our problem is multifaceted,when you fix here,over there will unfix. When you tighten there,here will loosen up.

So we need a holistic approach to solve the problem or a pragmatic solution. The only endeavor that can solve all our problems at a go is “Education”.

Not just education,but free, compulsory, accessible,universal and very importantly,quality education.

We need 100% literacy rate in Ghana,remember,Donald Regan,former U.S. prez stated that:”one ignorant American voter can destroyed the whole of America “.

If you go to abroad today and you’re an illiterate,you’ll be forced to go to school first, before you can stay there.

How can education lead to development?Apart from the numerous benefits of education, the greatest above all is,the discovery of those heroes and heroines,who’ll exploit their God given talents to the fullest by doing inventions and discoveries, which are the only short cut ways to development.

If Ghana we’re all educated,we’ll help check corruption in Ghana.

We would’ve insisted that the RTI law be passed,leading to whilst blowing and several peaceful demos to check our leaders.

There would’ve been change in our attitude.

We would’ve known that patronising made in Ghana products creates employment in the country.

And on and on and on.

But above all,we’d have got better leaders to take us out of poverty.

Leaders who’re intelligent, patriotic and above all, Godfearing.

Lack of education has lead to us losing a lot of brainy people to the woods.

Some are peasant farmers,others have grown old,others too are pushing up the daisies with their intelligence.

Most children who could become geniuses are out of school.

The people who’re naturally gifted are poor or from poor homes or hail from the hinterlands.

Because,God gifts all individuals equally.

No individual is gifted completely.If you’re intelligent,you’re either poor,and if you’re not intelligent,then your either rich.So the intelligent people like my type are either orphans,poor,from poor homes or from the villages,where,perhaps, there’s no even electricity,not to talk of proper schools.

That’s is why proff Lumumba says:”in Africa,those with ideas have no power,and those with power has no ideas at all.

That’s why the White man made education free.

But how can we make education free in this country?

Stay tuned for part four.

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