Do you know what's "social intervention" at all.

Do you know what’s “social intervention” at all?developing economies don’t do social interventions,cos,where are you gonna get the money to dish out to Ghanaians freely?

your economy is dependent on loans and your thievery NPP governments loot your resources under the cover of stupid social interventions, but,cos you’re too dump,you can’t even outsmart them.

Kuffour introduced about 15 social intervention policies, but increased fuel prices 1,500% in just 8 years.

I mean,Kuffour’s final price of a gallon of petrol/fuel could buy 15 gallons of Rawlings’.

The most lucrative venture for governments to mobilise revenue is fuel prices,you and I know it for sure.

So what did Kuffour do with all those money he got in fuel sale?

Rawlings built 642 SSS,brought two teaching hospitals, three universities, several affordable houses including, SSNT flats across the country,10 politechnichs etc all of which Kuffour never built a single one.

Rawlings built over 12,000 basic schools, Kuffour, built only 1,300.

Think of electrification, water,roads,hospitals etc.

I know you’ll say Rawlings was in power for 19 years compared to Kuffour’s 8years,but,Rawlings didn’t go to HIPC and never increased fuel prices up to even a 100% in his 19 years rule.

Kuffour borrowed money three times the amount of Rawlings,Kuffour left a debt of GH¢9.5billion which only him and him alone accumulated compared Rawlings’ GH¢2.7billion.

That apart,Rawlings paid some debts before he could borrow,but Kuffour didn’t service any debt,that means all internally generated revenues went to where??

The answer is everybody’s guess.

Rawlings didn’t even take pay in all his 19 year rule.

NPP! ! can you get a single individual like him????

It’s so perplexing and exasperating how the youth of this country are so dump.

Come to think of it: if Kuffour did 15 social interventions, and Mills and Mahama also brought onboard another 15,then if by 8 years,Nana Addo also brings 15,what do you think will become of this country?

we will be having about 45 free policies.Is Ghana a free country??

That’s why they call Nana Addo “Mr freeman”.

It’s only NDC governments which build this country.

NPP will come and destroy everything,loot us and use social interventions as a cover up.

Nana Addo is doing free SHS, but has increased fuel prices 20 times in less than two years.

NDC government increased fuel prices by GH¢7 in 8 years,but this government has increased same about GH¢8 in less than a year,which is more than that of NDC government’s 8-year increment.

Had it not been commercial drivers vigilance, by now,we’d have been buying a gallon of fuel at over GH¢30.00.This means that Ghanaians are learning their lessons from what Kuffour did to us.


Somebody tell Nana Addo and NPP that if they help NDC to build this country, THEY’LL NOT DIE! ! !


If Nana Addo continues all JDM’s projects and eschew the corruption that’s bridled his government and also add his achievements to move this country forward, HE NANA ADDO.

Pls NPP fear God and help NDC built Ghana, cos,Ghanaians, we’re suffering! ! !

Source: communitywatchdoggh/ DJ Proddy.

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