It was a cheerful gathering at Gua when a group of people numbering 33 defects from the NPP to join the NDC.

The occasion was attended by some of the leadership of the NDC in the Daboya/Mankarigu constituency in the northern region .

 In the presence was the constituency secretary Gazari Muniru, constituency Organiser Rashid Joelans, Women Organiser Hajia Asana the deputy, Madam Nana Lordina, Chief Rufai,Deputy treasurer and Sawedu Spatula the constituency Director of Election among others.

The defectees sited issues of non performing and failure by the Nana Addo and the NPP government.

According to them, a political party is voted to government to address the various challenges that bedevils communities and not the continues development by lip say and mere hallucinations.

They disclosed without hesitation that they have come to a party that cares for the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian citizens(NDC).

The leaders of the group muhammad Suale and yakubu observed that since the inception of Gua, no political party has been kind to the community like the NDC.

 They spoke about the 7km feeder road that was extended to Gua, the Chps compound that was at the tail end of completion before NDC exit,the three unit classroom block, the almighty electrification project which was about 80% completed before the unfortunate exit of the NDC, the grinding Mill that was offered to the community by the MP Hon.Lawyer Mahama shaibu Obei  to relieve the women of long travelling stress and many others.

The group pledged their unflinching support to the NDC and pray that the NDC shall return to power to deal with the challenges that confronts  Gua and the nation at large.

Ma Afisata a very strong woman among the group describe NPP government as a useless government.

 she cited the School feeding programme which was a promise to the community to revitalise their school and was subsequently fulfilled by the previous NDC government and managed by a caterer in the community has been given to strangers to man, implies the NPP does not see any woman caterer in Gua who can cook.

she said “I have from today defect to join the working party the NDC with my family”

A member of the group accuse the DCE of not being accessible “MP has already visited this community  four times but how many times has our DCE visited this community ever since he was appointed”? Why should we belong to a political party that do not regard us? Where is th one village one dam they promise? he continued.

The assembly man for gua Hon. Sammed Ali assures the group that he will continue to push harder for the assembly to desilt  the dam which severally was done by the NDC government.

He said everyone wish for both human and community development and when you find yourself in the midst of a party that can’t address your problems, he doesn’t think it’s a crime to leave.

The constituency secretary Mr Gazari Muniru gave a restoration of hope message to all those who believed that all hopes are lost.

he called on the defectees to be law abiding and be peaceful minded since NDC is a party that works in peace.

 He finally sworn them Inn and assured them that their names will be captured in the NDC register.

 Mr Abdulai Sulemana
constituency NDC communication officer