Volunteer with us

Communitywatchdoggh plans to welcome volunteers in the field of journalism to help develop our media house in Ghana from 2020 on. We offer the opportunity to share your ideas and knowledge with a young team spreading a unique and critical voice about local and international development efforts in Ghana. You can participate in writing or filming local stories, work on our website or community. Our projects are located in the Volta region, a green and lively area with an agricultural character. 

  • Where: Local community Volta region, Ghana
  • Type of projects: Online media, community journalism, investigative journalism, data-driven journalism, local democracy
  • Your role: Cooperating with small teams of local journalists. For example: researching local stories, interviewing people, writing articles, filming, online community management, web hosting, writing project proposals.
  • Accommodation: Local basic accommodation
  • Included: 24/7 support on spot, accommodation, 3 meals a day, introduction and orientation, transportation from and to the project, writing a personal blog
  • Period: two weeks to three months
  • Starts: Flexible throughout the year, starting from summer 2020
  • Minimum age: 18 years or older
  • Requirements: Fluent in English, relevant experience, adventurous and creative mind

Journalism in Ghana

English is the official language in the Ghanaian media and although volunteers who originally speak another language are welcome at this project, it is important that you are able to speak and write English fluently. Press freedom is good in this West African country.

Online media, social media and communities

Ghana has a strong tradition in radio and television. However, online media is on the move. Communitywatchdoggh.com is offering a new approach to journalism in Ghana, choosing to be an independent voice about development work in the country using online media, including a website and social media channels.

Who is invited?

Do you have a creative mind and do you support our mission, values and methodology? Then your help would be highly appreciated. Experience in the field of online media, democracy, social studies or community management is highly appreciated. You are invited to approach us with your ideas to see if we can fit you in. Your project and activities will be determined on your ideas, your experiences and interests. We are especially interested in those with some background in journalism, online media, development work and online democracy. Our journalistic projects are also suitable for journalists who are taking a career break or want to broaden their horizons.

Local conditions & roaming opportunities

In addition to discovering the world of journalism, you can also enjoy your free time in the evenings and weekends. Ghanaian culture is kind and welcoming, so you will not feel lonely. Our local staff is willing to show you around in the green surroundings. Visit waterfalls, kente cloth making workshops or tropical islands with palm trees in the Volta Lake. If you have an adventurous mind you will certainly enjoy this West African experience!

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