UE/R NGO supports poor children to go to school

Homeland Ghana Educational Foundation is a registered Ghanaian non-profit organization with a deep commitment to education and social development in the Upper East region of Ghana. The focus is on providing students with the best education possible, supporting many underprivileged children who wish to study, but cannot afford it. No matter where they want to excel, the organization strives to make sure all our students have the tools and resources they need to prepare them for tomorrow’s workforce and a brighter future. 

Upper East dilapidated school buildings

According to founder Rhoda Agilinko, the poor nature of facilities within the educational sector is the major challenge confronting education in the Upper East. According to her, dilapidated buildings are sometimes used as classrooms in certain communities and instead of serving as a medium to acquiring knowledge; these buildings rather become a death trap which scares pupils and teachers away from school. It is still very clear that not all communities in this area have access to quality education. In most cases, pupils have to walk several miles in order to attend school. This becomes even more difficult and virtually impossible during raining seasons as roads become inaccessible.  

Donations to local Siniensi school

Her NGO sponsored a basic school in Siniensi: Pupils and teachers alike have benefitted from support like a donation of 90 Junior High School subject textbooks; donation over 200 storybooks; renovation of existing library facility (repainting, new shelves, furniture, books, wall arts etc), supplying students with school materials (exercise books, backpacks, pens, pencils etc), empowerment programmes and repainting of classrooms.  

Education transforming power

Founder Rhoda Agilinko is twenty-three years (23) old and a Politics and International Relations graduate of the University of Kent, United Kingdom. Since finishing her undergraduate studies, she spent more than eight months working in some basic schools in the Builsa North District in the Upper East Region of Ghana, from which the idea of the foundation was born. Both her parents were teachers in Ghana. Through education, they were able to relocate her immediate family and Rhoda to the United Kingdom for a brighter future. From a very young age, her parents taught her that education has a transforming power and can take you to places where other ventures may not. She says: “I believe that education is important for children because they are the pillars of the nation, to develop a country and the world. Hence, her life mission is to assist young Ghanaians to succeed in their studies. Her aim is to instill in them the confidence that when they buckle down to learn, they become just as capable as any other child, in any other part of the world, to achieve their dreams and realize their full potential.”

Prioritize renovating schools

According to Rhoda, while the previous governments have performed well in bringing one reform or the other to the education sector, the reality is that much still needs to be done. She says: “I think that the government must prioritize education infrastructures – suitable spaces to learn – as the most important element necessary to ensure access to quality education. Before other reforms, they ought to focus on renovating schools that are in disrepair, expanding learning space in overcrowded schools and improving sanitary facilities, particularly for the girl child.  she thinks that these measures will ensure that almost every child of school-going age will have to good quality education.”

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