The SCC police station yesterday harassed and detain a journalist of JOY DADDY MULTIMEDIA (BRYT FM) over false case.

Speaking to Odiyifo Yaw Charles, the victim he said he was harassed after a chaos between the revenue officers from GICEL and Spare parts dealer’s.

He tried to approach and asked what was going on and later one Samuel Gyamfi who is community policing identify the journalist as been part of the guy’s among the misunderstanding and was harassed and detain.

The chairman of the GICEL Tenant association told the media the GICEL revenue officer’s came to collect revenue meanwhile the case is at court over corrupt act ongoing against the director of GICEL.

He finally said the court has asked all tenant not to pay any money to the management of GICEL until the outcome of the case before the law court but the director and the management has given a deaf ears.

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