N/R Two teenage boys in Damongo are in police custody for raping

Two teenage boys in Damongo in the West Gonja District in the Northern region are in the Damongo police custody for sharing videos and pictures of a teenage girl after they gang raping her.

Information gathered by Bole based Nkilgi Fm indicates chiefs and other religious leaders in the Damongo Community are putting pressure on the father of the young girl Mr Moro Zakariah who stays at Ngbaripe at Damongo to withdraw the case from court for settlement at home.

But the father of the young girl is adamant and called on the the general public to take interest in the case.

He said; “It has happened to Mr Moro’s today, and could happen to any other person’s daughter tomorrow”.

Narrating the sad story to Bole based Nkilgi fm, the father of the victim Mr Moro, said his daughter was returning from town after she want and buy some books at a shop in Damongo town.

He said a young boy called Salim offered his daughter a lift on his motor bike since they all reside in the same area in Damongo called Ngbaripe.

The victim who is JHS girl on the way to the house with Salim heard Salim making a call to his friend to meet him immediately in the house.

Salim took the young girl straight to his house despite the victim telling him to stop for her to walk home since they had gotten to their area but Salim continued speeding till they got to Salim’s house.

Salim told the young girl she should exercise patience and sit in his verandah and that he just want to take something in the room and send her to her house.

Mr Moro Zakaria said while sitting in the verandah, Salim’s friend called Ganiu quickly brought out two knifes and threatened to stab the young girl should she try to raise an alarm.

The overpowered young girl complied and followed them to an awaiting opened room.

She tried to resist they boys trying to forcefully have sex with her but was given a small cut on the neck by Ganiu to show they mean business.

The young girl succumbed to the boys to prevent them from stabbing or killing her.

The young girl was subjected to several rounds of rough sex in turns with the two boys callously taking videos in turns.

The boys after the act warned the young girl not to disclose to anybody what happened else she will be killed.

Out of fear, the victim went silent over the sexual assault on her for a week but surprisingly the boys released the videos to the general public.

Mr Moro told Nkilgi FM that the videos of the sexual act went viral in the Damongo area and got to him, he went to lodge a complaint with the Damongo police after his daughter explained what happened.

The two boys were subsequently arrested and arraigned before the Bole magistrate court.

The case has since been adjourned to a later date for hearing.

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