Nana Asafoankye Badu, a.k.a ‘Anyen Mpo Suro’, the National chairman of Concerned Transport Operators Union of T.U.C, who doubled as Wasa Amenfi East New Patriotic Party’s Constituency chairman on Sunday, 9, has called on Drivers, passengers, the police service and other road users to do well avoid accidental cases on our roads during and after this years Christmas celebrations.

In an exclusive interview at Wasa Akropong, with a journalist, Kaakyire Kwasi Afari, the Union chairman admits that though accident is bound to occur, nevertheless, according to him some cases may be avoidable if little precautions are taken on our roads.

He said, Ghanaians and the government as a whole would be happy if we record accident free in this years’ Christmas celebration. Adding that, this can only be achieved when measures and precautions are added up by road users.

Nana Asafoankye Badu stated, the rise of accidental cases in the country has compelled the government to invest intensively in Road Safety Commission to sensitise the public on Road safety tips and precautions saying that, such allocated amounts could be used to finance other sectors of the economy hence, there is a wakeup call.

The Concerned Operators Union National chairman urged passengers who board vehicles, especially, the commercial vehicles to respects and exercise patients for drivers handling their life’s on the road.

He also advised drivers to abstain from alcoholism, wrong overtaking, seeding and ensuring proper maintenance of their vehicles before applying on the roads.

He again urged the commercial drivers to cherish and hold the life’s of the boarded passengers with care for a successful journey.

He latter appeals to the police personnel’s assigned to various duties to ensure professionalism in their operations on the road.

Nana Asafoankye Badu said, the police personnel’s should not dream of booming earning on the road by extortion money from the drivers as bribery which could lead to abandonment of their obliged duties.

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