E/R NGO helping out in pineapple community

Image of pineapple plants and fruit in Ghanaian Eastern Region

Takyikrom is a community in the Eastern Region of Ghana under the Akuapem South Municipal District. With 410 inhabitants, of which the vast majority is farming pineapple, and little infrastructure, the community is in need of development incentives. At this moment, it is lacking good sanitation and water facilities and development opportunities for economic growth and is therefore open for new incentives.

The NAGAP Empowerment Foundation has recently stepped in the community for assistance. They assist with writing of proposals, counselling, organising educational programmes, serving as a broker for farmers, donations and advocacy. The foundation believes you do not have to be rich before you help someone. On 21st June 2019 for example, it will organise the NEF kiddie quiz competition. Last year, a donation was also organised for the school to help them get the needed materials.

NAGAP Empowerment Foundation at work

Pineapple processing in a factory

With a one-sided profile of economic activities, namely pineapple farming, the major problem of this community seems to be of economic nature. With just a bit more income, the needed toilet and water facilities can be built and maintained by the inhabitants themselves. A logical step would be to assist the community with processing pineapple, for example by producing pineapple juice, dried pineapple and pineapple powder in a small factory. Any expertise, networks and business plans are welcome.

Story by Mark Sandow, leading community journalist at Communitywatchdoggh.com, from KrachiNchumburu district in the Oti region. The reason for publishing this story is to inform people about the challenges communities face on local level. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of communitywatchdoggh.com.