B.E.C.E Candidates Who Were Not Posted Must Sue The Ghana Education Service- Educational Analyst

News coming from the Ghana Education Service suggests that the about 31,196 B.E.C.E candidates who did not get posting to any public Senior High School should be accepted back to JHS 3 in their former schools to re-write the B.E.C.E.

However, educational analyst and counsellor, Mr. Daniel Fenyi, has urged the “unposted” BECE candidates to sue GES in court since they have been cheated and unfairly treated.

Mr. Daniel Fenyi urged the students to query GES on why they were not posted and what criteria were used to disqualify them from getting access to free SHS.

Mr. Daniel Fenyi added that the worst grade any student can get in BECE is 54 (i.e. 9 × 6 subjects= 54). The respected educationist further argued that many students with aggregate 54 have been posted to public SHSs so why are some left out?

Mr. Daniel has urged the government to post all students since they have unintelligently removed the “cut-off” system thereby implying that every child should be posted to SHS notwithstanding the aggregate.

 Source: communitywatchdog/ mark sandow