BE/R Sand winning activities makes road linking Koramoah/Asantanso Techiman unmotorable

Several quantities/varieties of farm produce comprising of yam, cassava, plantain, maize, mangoes, vegetables are feared to be lost by farmers or left to rot in the bush at Koramoah/Asantanso and its surrounding communities under the Baamiri electoral area of Techiman municipality in the Bono East Region over inability to transport the produces to the Techiman market due to their deplorable roads.

Road condition

Communiytwatchdoggh Bono East Regional correspondent, Nana Kwadwo Adu visited the area on a journey solely made by motorbikes, tricycles or worn-out taxis. It should not have taken up to 30 minutes but took him 2 to 3 hours to reach the communities, due to sand winning. Tipper trucks made the only road linking about 8 farming communities to Techiman the Bono East regional capital very unmotorable.

road condion

Passionate appeal

Some residents, riders & drivers who spoke to the Nana Kwadwo Adu made very passionate appeal to the authorities to come to their aid as a matter of urgency because especially as they are entering the raining season, they would be completely cut off from the township and will not be able to do their everyday activities in the commercial town of Techiman.


Chiefs fixing road

They lamented that when the sand winning activities started at the area, Nananom and their people through communal labour managed to fix the little patches on the road but the operations of the Tipper trucks have damaged the road beyond their strength hence the humble plead with the government to come to their aid.

tipper trucks

Lack of social amenities

Some residents added that it was sad that the over 2000 inhabitants of the area could not travel to Techiman town to access certain common human services as the only road they travel-by has completely been destroyed by these Tipper trucks doing sand winning business to the disadvantage of the people of Koramoah/Asantanso.

Community authorities

Meanwhile, Assemblymember for Baamiri electoral area Hon. Takyi Stephen told Nana Kwadwo Adu that, he and Nananom have made every possible effort to the authorities to get the situation under control but it has not given any result.

He said it was evident the Techiman municipal assembly is over-burdened with many other problems but considering the contribution of the people of Koramoah/Asantanso to the economic development of the municipality, it was critical for the road issue which bothers about human lives be quickly addressed.

Story and images by Communiytwatchdoggh Bono East Regional correspondent Nana Kwadwo Adu. The reason for publishing this story is to inform readers about the road conditions on the local level. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of

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