The Npp chairman of asutifi south in the Brong-Ahafo Region, Saint Mark Frimpong (ahafo Hwidiem) who is working harder for the creation of Ahafo region coming 27th December 2018. Who is also part of the operations 100%yes in the creation of Ahafo region pleaded to all people who has vote should try and vote yes for ahafo region.

The chairman of asutifi south for Npp Saint Mark Frimpong make it well-known to all Ahafo members that this is not about politics like Npp, NDC, PPP or any party but is all about the development of Ahafo.

Saint Mark Frimpong edges that NDC and Npp are all working hand to hand for the region, he mentioned Hon Alhaji Collins Daud former local minister of NDC administration,.Hon Robert Mensah DCE of Asutifi south and Hon Anthony Mensah DCE of Asutifi north and our chiefs MMDCES and many more.

Saint Mark Frimpong said anyone who doesn’t know and vote No God will punish the person (again) and who ever try to misbehaves during the voting will be arrest by policeman.

Saint Mark Frimpong assured Ahafo members to come out in their numbers and vote yes, for the region if not we has left out of development in ahafo.he continued saying that is never too late for Ahafo to become the most development region in some years to come.(voting yes is our priority.

Saint Mark Frimpong Npp chairman of asutifi south then engage that, know one should travel this Xmas without voting yes.Because our leaders fought for 40years now without getting it so this is our time to vote yes and get the Region.

According to Saint Mark Frimpong the former local minister Hon Alhaji Collins Daud is in sport of the creation of Ahafo region but must of some people in Asutifi south are saying if they didn’t see Abdulai Naaba who is the brother to Alhaji Collins Daud they will not vote yes, iam tiling those who are saying all this that,they should change their mind and vote yes because getting Ahafo region is more than Abdulai Naaba, and him Saint Mark Frimpong and any other persons.

Saint Mark Frimpong mentioned some important things of voting yes for ahafo regio, 1 universities, hospitals, training schools, police headquarters, regional coordinati council and many beneficial relevant things.

Lastly Saint Mark Frimpong said anyone who comes and vote yes God will bless that person for ever.

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