'N/R Association of Dagbon Journalists calls for Adequate and Fair Reportage during Dagbon Royal Funerals

The Association of Dagbon Journalists has monitored with keen interest the reports on the Dagbon Peace Process thus far. We wish to salute colleague Journalists and the media for the circumspection this far as preparations and plans are underway to see to the full implementation of the roadmap presented by the committee of eminent Chiefs led the Asantehene Otumfou Osei Tutu II.

This press release is aimed at urging our colleague media friends to as much as possible support our quest to project the image of our motherland. The Dagbon state has one of the unique tradition and cultural practices and we implore all journalists to take time in understanding the tradition whilst reporting before, during and after the performance of the two royal funerals.

This is a critical point after so many years of Chieftaincy unrest in our kingdom and the role of the media cannot be underestimated.

In view of this, we expect accurate and fair reportage from our friends and brothers. We duly acknowledge the immense contribution of some of colleague Journalists in this process.
Nonetheless, we would not lose sight of the few individuals whose reports would seek to thwart the process. As professionals, we expect all Journalists to promote and project the rich culture of Dagombas during this historic period. However, we will resist any individual or group of Journalists who would want to give us BAD REPORTAGE to cause the area some unnecessary and needless agitations.

Dagombas deserve absolute peace and unity and therefore it’s imperative that we highlight the peace process. We further implore all Journalists in the Northern region to be the pacesetters in this process.

It is important to register our outmost disgust and disappointment at the Northern Regional Security Council, headed by the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Saeed for the way and manner he and his team have handled some sensitive and security issues in the region.

Specific reference can be made to the arrest of the then Regent of Nakuŋ which nearly plunged the whole kingdom into chaos.

In as much as we admit the REGSEC has so far handled security issues with outstanding show of professionalism, we would like to appeal to them, especially the Minister to exercise the powers vested in him and the Security Council with maximum restraint and caution and engage all parties to ensure a successful implementation of the road map.

In their line of work and effort to fully implement the road map, the REGSEC must avoid taking actions that are likely to be misread as siding with one side of the chieftaincy divide.

We believe this move is positive to reinvigorate the sense of belonging as Citizens of one of the largest traditional dynasty in Africa. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

We wish to salute the committee of eminent Chiefs for their patience and resilience through the period till now. As a group of media professionals, we wish to assure the committee, the royal families and government of our resolve to ensure that, the right information about the Dagbon tradition is accurately disseminated before, during and after the two royal funerals.

Long Live Dagbon
Long Live Northern Region
May God bless our homeland Ghana

Thank you

Hamza Lansah, Chairman: 024 645 8016

Mohammed Hashmin, Vice Chair: 024-385-7871

Mumuni Yirifa Yunus, Secretary: 0249988132


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